Art exibitions

Virtual exhibition of paintings by four contemporary authors “G I S A Painting”

Authors: painters Gustas Jagminas, Ina Budryte, Sigita Maslauskaite, Aiste Bugailiskyte

Under this acronym four painters hide: Gustas Jagminas, Ina Budrytė,Sigita Maslauskaitė and Aistė Bugailiškytė. The four artists formed a group although remembering the old and forgotten tradition for Lithuanian painters tonite. On the other hand, GISA does not aspire to join the ranks of commited groups- they haven’t created a manifesto, their name does not define one specific artstyle and keeps the wide horizons of creative freedom. But what does unify the members of the group? None of them chase trends – all of them have easily recognizable trends and all of them commit to their artistic goals. They are connected by a nice relation, matching “biospheres”. Next to ideological reasons, there are also pragmatic ones, but causing happiness in the context of individualistic, split art scenes and an overall lost community and society. To Work in a group is more effective and fun: they share their workload, and the exhibitions become even bigger celebrations and adventures. While travelling around Lithuania with their exhibition, the authors discover new experiences.This group, touched by the flux-like ideology – in the stead of difficult conceptions, chooses to dive into the constant creative being, put emphasis on the process, find meaning in everyday life. The idea for GISA was born in the painting quadriennale, when Gustas’s, Ina’s and Aistė’s paintings were exhibited next to each other. And like in contrast principle the group decided to invite the painter and art critic Sigita Maslauskaitė.

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Virtual Interdisciplinary Art Exhibition of Lecturers of the Academy of Arts “Balance in Art and Time”

Authors: Sigutė Bronickienė, Daina Daukšienė, Lolita Grabauskienė, Sigita Grabliauskaitė, Arvydas Martinaitis, Artūras Rimkevičius, Birutė Sarapienė, Laura Slavinskaitė, Birutė Šležienė  

Interdisciplinary virtual art exhibition of lecturers of the Academy of Arts of Kaunas University of Applied Sciences “Balance in Art and Time” is a part of the International scientific-practical online conference “Art, Design, Languages and Education: Innovations in Theory and Practice”. Artists reveal conceptual explorations for the realization of artwork ideas in different media, materials and techniques. These explorations stimulate discussion about the synthesis of classical fine arts and contemporary art forms, the latest technologies in creation.
Time is an important aspect of a creative process full of exploration and experimentation. It is not just the intertwining of different media that emerges in its flow, but also the relationship between time and the artist, which opens the space for creativity or, on the contrary, engages in the vortex of everyday life and leaves no moment for a quiet stop and retreat from everyday monotony. “The time devoted to creativity is very important for every artist. It dissolves in the creative process and transforms into a work of art”, – says the curator of the exhibition, lecturer, glass artist S. Grabliauskaitė. The artists reveal what is important to them in the works that are exhibited. We hope that each visitor will discover the reflections of their soul in the works and the time spent visiting the virtual exhibition will be significant and memorable.

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Virtual exhibition of author’s photographic works “Trash Society”

Author: photographer Elijus Kniezauskas

Project started in 2017, during the biennial of Panevėžys. The topic was “Man and the city”. I approached the theme by looking for differences between nature and city, man and animal. Trash was the answer. There is no trash in nature and there is no animal making a living from them.

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Virtual exhibition of author’s photographic works “Unflooded Venice”

Author: photographer Zilvinas Glusinskas

Zilvinas Glusinskas is a Lithuanian photographer who primarily works in the area of analog photography. In the last few years, he has been working with alternative prints, such as cyanotype, gum bichromate or lith-print. Exhibition “Unflooded Venice”:   travel impressions of 2010-2015 captured using an unique Lithprint technique will take you to an everyday life of a stunning city in Italy and give you the opportunity to see it through a camera lens.

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