2022 Art Exhibitions

Birutė Šležienė, Kaunas University of Applied Sciences / Faculty of Arts and Education / Academy of Arts, “Visions”

Differences – an exhibition of lecturers and graduates of the Faculty of Arts and Education

The exhibition of the artworks of the faculty‘s lecturers and graduates is an integral part of the international scientific and practical conference „Art, Design, Languages and Education: innovations in theory and practice“(ADLE) organised by the Faculty of Arts and Education of Kaunas University of Applied Sciences.

The virtual exhibition Differences, which complements this year‘s hybrid ADLE conference programme, presents artworks of painting, print, digital graphic, photography, glass art, textile, fashion design, differing in concepts, means of expression and techniques. Their differences open up a unique world of art, where visual and applied arts complement each other, highlighting the uniqueness of each artist, the unlimited possibilities of artistic expression, and virtuosity.
The authors reveal an introspective or critical view of the world around them in works of visual art (painting, graphic art, print, photography), while in works of applied art (glass art, textile, fashion design), the authors experiment, strive to break away from traditions and discover individual creative solutions.
Visual artists do not think about the practical purpose of their artworks and more often invite the viewer to step outside his comfort zone, while applied artists, on the other hand, do not move away from the search for a concept, materiality and harmony of function in their artworks and have the intention to make the viewer‘s comfort zone even more comfortable and aesthetic. It may sound paradoxical, but the differences between visual and applied art show the equivalence of the two. Both types of art highlight the artist‘s individuality, developing creative ideas, reflecting on the surrounding world, and responding to today‘s current issues. Both visual and applied art works encourage the viewer, through visual memory, to relate to them or to withdraw from them, to react emotionally or to remain indifferent, to think or do not think.
Viewers are invited to look for signs of similarity in the differences between visual and applied arts in the virtual exhibition Differences.

Participants of the exhibition: Birutė Šležienė, Evelina Paukštytė, Giedrė Markauskienė, Gintarė Jarašienė, Guoda Kvietinskaitė, Ieva Paltanavičiūtė, Indrė Spitrytė, Laura Dailidėnienė, Laima Numavičė, Lolita Grabauskienė, Neringa Šiupinskienė, Ričardas Peleckas, Sigita Grabliauskaitė, Valda Verikaitė, Viktoras Dailidėnas, Viktorija Anskaitienė.